What a fabulous meeting to start 2021!

We had 14 members attend this week and our goal is to have a regular attendance of 25+.

Who do YOU know who might like to come and meet us? All visitors are welcome and it’s free of charge for our next meeting, Wednesday 20th January 2021. 

The talk/discussion today was on habits – we talked about some authors and books on Linda’s bookshelf.

  • Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” lists the seven habits as: 1) Be Proactive, 2) Begin with the End in Mind, 3) Put First Things First, 4) Think Win/Win, 5) Seek First to Understand… Then to be Understood, 6) Synergize and finally, 7) Sharpen the Saw. Fantastic headings to remind us of good processes for growth. 
  • Chip and Dan Heath are authors of some great books and Linda relayed the story of the soldier and his addiction and recovery from “Switch” – put yourself in positive environments where good things are more likely to happen.
  • Our very own Debbie Gilbert has published a book called “The Successful Mumpreneur“. Aimed to support Mums in business or new to business, it’s full of easy to read content to help run a business more succinctly.
  • Finally, a book written for a firm of accountants “Stress proof your business and your life” by Steve Pipe and Elizabeth Wilson had a chapter talking about the 20/80 theory which led to a great discussion on how, on average, 20% of what we do will bring in 80% of our income, 20% of our to-do list will generate roughly 80% of your results, etc.

Debbie recommended a couple of books she has on her desk full of post-it notes: “The 12 Week Year” and “Make Your Mondays Better”.

We are all going to review our habits accordingly and endeavour to improve our productivity and growth as a result!


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