Mindfulness in Business and Beyond

Our networking group had a virtual meeting today with 12 participants and we’re looking forward to those numbers increasing once school’s re-open (one day we will look back in disbelief that school’s were closed). We will continue with virtual meetings, most likely for the remainder of 2021, but will schedule some face-to-face get-togethers when the restrictions in England allow.


Meanwhile… why did we talk about Mindfulness in our meeting today and why do I want to write about it?

Mindfulness is a relatively new expression to most people, however, we have been practising the tools for decades. My mother called it “positive mental attitude” and “count to 10 before you speak”.


As the chairperson of Space For Growth Networking (our fortnightly networking group usually meeting in Hemel Hempstead), it’s my responsibility to line up our ‘speakers’ for the meeting or to lead a discussion. I chose mindfulness today simply because the book called “Mindfulness on the Go; Peace in your Pocket” jumped out at me as I scoured my increasingly full bookshelf. (I was a bookworm as a child and am enjoying all the self-development books I’ve acquired through networking and my multi-level marketing businesses).


I skimmed the pages and chose to talk about breathing and the focus on the outward breath, how you should breathe in to the count of 7 and out for the count of 11. I personally liked the suggestion to imagine a feather on the end of your nose and to focus on slow breathing so that the feather didn’t get blown away.


This small nugget of reading from this book, lead to a fantastic discussion on mindfulness about each other. It turns out that we’re a very mindful bunch of people who are all very passionate about not only looking after ourselves and our families and friends, but also about charities.

We were delighted to welcome Claire Larkin from the Hospice of St Francis to our group for the first time today and I personally have committed to sign up for a sky dive to raise funds, so watch this space. Others are doing night walks and runs. We found out so much about each other due to me just choosing a book off the shelf and starting a discussion with no idea what would evolve from it.


Our call to action is always to introduce someone new to each other who will become a customer, a collaborator or simply a fantastic new connection. What conversation could YOU start?

We’d love to invite more businesses to our networking meetings so please visit the website for more information: Space For Growth Networking


Written by Linda Wilkinson of Utility Warehouse and Surface Heroes following the meeting on 3rd March 2021. Linda started working with UW after a career as a PA as it continued her ethos of always being the helpful one! Networking came naturally to her and she is passionate about supporting other businesses and connecting people. In her spare time, she will be found walking Rocco, her cocker spaniel, she loves entertaining and hanging out (when allowed) at Fullerians rugby club with her husband and teenager.



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