Meeting – April 28th 2021

What a fantastic meeting we had today.   Not only did we have lots of specifics in the 60 seconds, but what an amazing presentation by Alan Say on the benefits of SEO and SEo Copywriting.




When it comes to networking, we all know that we’re NOT selling to the people in the room! Networking is about building relationships so that everyone feels confident to refer other members to their circle of family, friends and colleagues. Today, this is the list of introduction requests! If you are reading this and in one of the categories below, please connect with us so that we can confidently introduce you to the person who wants to meet you!


  • Families who love Disney
  • Recruitment consultants and agencies
  • Accounting firms
  • Dry cleaners / Cleaning Businesses
  • People interested in business awards
  • Mums and Dads looking for more efficient broadband Female coaches starting a new business Participants for charity fundraising and networking events Site managers and business managers in schools Business owners who never get to the end of their “to do list”
  • Companies with international suppliers
  • HR specialists who require admin support

If you’re on that list or if you are looking for an effective, friendly networking group which meets fortnightly, come along to one of our meetings in May.


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